This site was set up mainly to capture the increasing amount of writing that I have been doing since February 2012. In that month a new group was formally set up to focus on extraordinary changes in the educational landscape in my home town of Brentwood in Essex. Educating Brentwood, as it became known, has a seperate website which I regularly contribute to. My posts on that site will not be replicated here, they can be found at:


As a consequence of my contributions to the site, I was invited to contribute my views on education to a new feature in one of our local newspapers, the Brentwood Gazette. I am currently one of around a dozen “Gazette People” who contribute articles on a monthly basis. The archive of these articles will be held on this site.

I have no professional involvement in education but as a parent of three children who will be affected by the local changes in school options and associated pressures on funding, I have read, researched and debated on the subject to a degree that I never thought possible and I aim to reflect that in my column as it relates to Brentwood.

But I am interested in so much else and I have been restricted to reflecting that on my Twitter feed and Facebook until now.

So this will double as a repository for my thoughts on everything else: music, sport, politics (I am an active member of the Labour Party having been shocked into it in reaction to the first year of the Coalition), picking up a guitar for the first time at 40, stuff that makes me angry, stuff that makes me laugh, stuff I feel the need to share, odds and ends…

You get the drift.

I hope some of it informs or entertains someone other than me.


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